Friday, March 19, 2010

Slacker Chic of the Week: Jackie Warner

She may be chic, but she's certainly no slacker! In fact, you might even call Jackie Warner the Princess of Pain. As Bravo's former resident go-to-girl for health and fitness, Jackie is used to whipping both civilian and Hollywood hotties into their best shape-even if it means shedding a little blood, sweat and tears. However while her show "Work Out" might have ended, Jackie's dedication to fitness has not. She continues to run her gym Sky Sport and Spa in the Los Angeles area, boasting a very high end, dedicated clientel.
However, it's what you don't know about Jackie that might surprise you. For example, did you know that the 41 year old has had many successful ventures outside of the gym? At 18, Warner founded and co-owned a company in the cellular phone industry and by the age of 22, this company was the third top-grossing cellular phone company in Southern California. Additionally, the fabulous femme is also an undercover horsey luva, and enjoys competing in equestrian events in her spare time. However while all these things inpress me, it's Jackie's personal journey I find most intriguing. During her time on Bravo, the network focused on the openly gay trainer's family troubles, and her constant struggle to be accepted by her mother. But while she may have had to fight for her parental love, when it comes to outside sources Jackie isn't afraid to let her lifestyle show. The trainer has appeared in several LGBT mags including Out and The Advocate to discuss her (admittedly at times) rocky road to love. It's this sort of candor and unabashed emotions that make Jackie extremely relateable. Just like anyone on Planet Earth, she wants to love and be loved, but sometimes with those emotion comes heartache and strife. Although she may have a temper at times (who doesn't?!?), I love her willingness to share her struggles and show the world that gay relationships are no different that that of the straights. So congrats to Jackie! Her courage, accomplishments, and loyal fans (such as the lovely
Jasmin who nominated her!) have made this buff babe our Slacker Chic of the Week. Now drop and give me 20!


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