Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Emma Stone Brings the Ginger Goodness to May's Nylon Magazine

In keeping with the ginger theme of yesteryore, today I present to you another ravishing raven haired beauty, Emma Stone. The "Zombieland" actress can currently be seen gorging up the pages of the latest Nylon magazine where she dons romantic, whimsical fashions for spring and discusses her latest film "Easy A". Here are a few excerpts from the issue which is currently on newstands across the country:
On just recently piercing her ears: “Most people go through this when they’re like, 14. I’m like, ‘Hey, what’s up everybody? I moved to New York and got fiive piercings!”
On not waffling: “The greatest one [improv skill] that I apply to my life is not waffling. Say you’re on stage with someone and they say, ‘Oh, remember last week when we went to Las Vegas?’ Never say no. Take what they’re saying and go with it. And that’s a good lesson in life.”
On her new flick, Easy A: “The original script was much carzier than it ended up being. The role was a little brasher and darked — usually, in comedy, it’s the riskier the funnier. But I enjoy what the did — it kind of went from R to PG-13. The demographic changed in the process of shooting it.”


Stephanie said...

Hey, darling! Emma Stone is just fabulous. She is that laid back but totally gorgeous kind of girl. Love her. :)

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