Monday, May 24, 2010

Scarlett Johansson is Berry Beautiful in V Magazine

I may be Scarlett Johansson's self proclaimed biggest fan, but even I'm disappointed in the actress photospread for the Summer issue of V Magazine. Sure Scarlett looks incredible, but doesn't she always? I suppose I'm just not a fan of the whole Alexis Carrington Colby hair the stylist decided to torture her with. Scarlett is a natural beauty and doesn't need to be made up like one of those busted ass Barbie heads that little Texan girls practice hairstyling on. All you need is a little blush, a super spring dress and BAM! Instant perfection. But enough about how beautiful Scarlett is. Here are some kick ass excerpts from the Gorgeous One's interview with V. To read the full article, mosey on over to
Iron Man director Jon Favreau on Scarlett's superior work ethic: “She’s a very intelligent actor. She asks the right questions and is cooperative and collaborative. It was wonderful watching her apply the work ethic and attention to detail, which no doubt comes from an independent film background, to a summer superhero movie.”
Scarlett on her Iron Man character, The Black Widow: "[She's a] no bulls--t character. It's not that she's non-feeling, she just gets the job done. She's part of something bigger, and she knows it. She's this crazy badass, and she has no time for f---ing around."
Girl, You'll be a woman soon: "I'm 25, and for some time I've played these characters who are kind of figuring it out, transforming from young girls to young women, " said Scarlett. "I don't feel like a girl anymore. And I feel like my life and career are on a different path than they had been."
Pete Yorn on his bandmate's sheer awesomeness “She is great across the board, as an actress and a person, and she has a good sense of herself. She is tied into the world on a spiritual level, like an old soul.”


Keith said...

Hey there. Cool post. Great photos of her. She is so gorgeous. I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

she looks gorgeous!

monty said...

Whoa! Scarlett was awesome in Iron Man 2. I love these pics. Thanks for posting.

Miss_Scarlett said...

i only liked that last photo so i agree with you, not her best shoot. but shes gorgeous anyway.

Anonymous said...

Nice cover!

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