Monday, June 7, 2010

The Best and Worst of the 2010 MTV Movie Awards

Ok so last night was the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, right? So you'd think the stars would come out dressed to dazzle, right? Wrong. Those bitches were so boring I could hardly be bothered to muster up a best and worst dressed list. Which is why I've done something a little different. Rather than ripping apart the fashions, here are some of my choices for the best and worst of last night. Sadly, none of which involve Kristen Stewart plainly telling the Twilight fans to suck it.
Hottest Scarlett Johansson: Scarlet Johansson (Yes, you read that right)
Best Use of Glitter/Best Wig: Katy Perry with a "Y"
Biggest Attempt at Famewhoring By a Group or Duo: LMFAO
Best Attempt At Covering Up Shame, Dissappointment and Failure: Paris Hilton
Sneakiest Party Crasher You Just Know Didn't Have a Ticket: Lindsay stoop-so-Lohan
Hottest Lesbian: Russel Brand
Laziest Wardrobe By a Celeb Who Isn't Seasoned Enough to Dress Like Adam Sandler Yet: Michael Cera
Best Bong Hitter/Hottest Legs: Kristen Stewart

Ect, ect,


Keith said...

Those are some cool photos. I totally agree with you. Kristen Stewart definitely has some hot legs.

Carsi said...

I seemed like a lot of the people there didn't want to be there. I only watched because I'm an Aziz fan. You forgot the best (and most obvious attempt for ratings) the Sandra Scarlett kiss. I also don't even remember seeing Lindsay in the audience, which probably means she probably had shitty seats (and she's hosted in the past!) and no one even cared enough give her a few seconds of camera time and that's sad.

lorenabr said...

Great pic :) damn hot legs :)

Madam Miaow said...

Call me eagle-eyed, but I've started to notice that the guys are wearing more neck jewellery than the wimmin. Help me, Mrs M. Is the rule for a nekkid neck, especially when wearing an embellished top?

I may have been a bit slow to pick up on this.

Anonymous said...

Nice photos!

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GG said...

love the jewelery at the MTV MA's that's where i first learned about Persona ( SO elegant and chic!!
<3 Kristen Stewart

xx GG xx

Sara said...

LOVE that site GG!! Im not a fan of Kristen Stewarts dress in this pic but i love her in the Twilight series! Cant wait for ECLIPSE!!

Anonymous said...

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