Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kristen Stewart is Elle Ellegant

As you guys well know, if there is one leading lady who has stolen my heart like a clepto at a diamond convention, it's poor little bitch girl Kristen Stewart. I love everything about this doll-faced darling, especially how flawlessly her style has evolved over the last few months. Since taking on the role as Joan Jett in "The Runaways", Kristen has not only nabbed countless coveted magazine covers, but she's turned into a fabulous fashion goddess straight out of my nightmares. (Because us grumpy girls love nightmares, not dreams!) Therefore it is with two of the seven dealiest sins (Pride and Envy, ya'll) that I present to you the gorgeously katastrophic Miss Kristen looking devilishly devine in the July issue of Elle UK. I'd point out which articles of clothing are my favorite, but I want them all. Unfortunately the garbs probably cost an arm and a leg, but don't worry: You can copy Kristen's signature scowl for free :)

Free Bitch Will Be Free.



Anonymous said...

she looks great in this editorial!

Emily said...

*sigh* I am up and down with this broad. One minute I love her, like in this last photo of her on the balcony. And the next second I can't stand her, like her interview in the American Elle June issue. God that girl sure knows how to bitch and moan and groan. But she's lovely to look at, in both issues.


great editorial...asmazing images

thisgirlbeck said...

love these pics of her, though most photos i find of her she seems like she is pissed off, and really doesn't want her photo taken, but when she does want her photo taken she looks amazing!


La p├ępite modeuse said...

She is beautiful on the editorial !
Nice blog !!

Keith said...

I love these photos. I plan to post her photos from Elle USA and UK very soon on my blog.

Anonymous said...

She is sexy!

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Oana Roxana said...

She rocks as usual.

Anonymous said...

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