Saturday, June 12, 2010

Megan Fox, Mannequins and McDean for Interview Magazine

Ok so I know in the past I've sworn off Megan Fox on the basis of being the Dark Paris Hilton, but there's just something about her pale skin, dark hair, tattoos and bitchy ass attitude that always have me coming back for more. Even though I know better it's like the brain inside my feminine body cannot help but betray me for some pretty pictures and a couple tattoos. Damn you, likemindedness!
Anynopropertransitionintothisparagraph, aside from being featured in the new Josh Brolin film "Jonah Hex", Megan aka Foxy aka DPH can currently be seen in a stunning pictorial for the June issue of Interview magazine. The spread, shot by photographer Craig McDean, features Foxy getting intimate with a glassy eyed Megan Fox mannequin. I always love the Mannequin themes, and not just because they remind me of Kim Cattrall in the 80's. I mostly take a shine to them because they so accurately reflect the role of women even in modern times-beautiful creatures expected to present themselves perfectly, stand there still and keep their mouths shut. Of course this editorial would probably seem a bit more iqonic if it featured, say, Zoe Saldana, but what are you going to do? Foxy is still gorgeous, McDean is still a genius, and these pictures are still great. So just like a mannequin (for once!) imma shut up and enjoy!



C'est fou comme Megen Fox ne se ressemble pas. Belles photos de Craig McDean (:

Keith said...

These are some stunning photos of Megan. I tend to have a love/hate thing going with her. These photos are incredible.

Miss_Scarlett said...

i simply dont see if there is anything special about her.

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