Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mary Kate Olsen Covers September's Marie Claire

IDGAF what anyone says, Mary Kate Olsen aka THE OTHER ONE is a gorgeous little pixie from planet "WhereDidYewGetThoseShoes?!?" I haven't purchased a Marie Claire in the longest, but I will definitely be picking up this September issue featuring MK when it hits newstands in a few weeks. After all, If I can't buy those red glittery Givenchy boots, the least I can do is click my heels while staring at them and chanting "There's no place like Bergdorf's, There's no place like Bergdorf's, There's no place like Bergdorf's...".


Keith said...

My sis is subscribed to it so I always get her issues when she's done with them. I love these photos of MK.

xccc said...

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