Wednesday, August 11, 2010

M.I.A. Releases a New Video, "XXXO"

Ok so basically if you have $15 and can afford to blow it on one of those videos they make at the mall, then evidently you've got the makings for an M.I.A. music video. The Sri Lankan born artist just released her latest video, "XXXO" from her newest album "spacey-line suiggly emoticons that spell 'MAYA'" aka "/\/\/\Y/\" and, well, I'll leave it up to you to decide whether this video is worth your two pennies. Personally I used to worship the ground this bitch stomped on, but have grown a bit tired of her "I'm so enlightened" shenanigans. It's like, quit talking about how politically knowledgable and above it you are and just sing the damn songs already. If I wanted to be preached at by someone superior I'd see what Kanye West was up to. Or I'd look in the mirror. Whichever.
Love the song though. Even if I did already hear it on a previous episode of "So You Think You Can Dance". Yeah, that's right. The politically enlightened rented her song out to a corporate machine. What's up now M.I.A. you gorgeous hypocrite?


Keith said...

I never like to hear entertainers get on their soap box about politics, religion, you name it. I'm interested in watching your movie, listening to a song, that sort of thing. I don't need their enlightened view of the world. M.I.A. has been getting on my nerves.

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