Sunday, August 15, 2010

When Smart Women Say Smart Things

In a recent interview with Britain's Daily Mirror, Italian actress and HBIC Monica Bellucci had this to say about the differences between working in Hollywood and working in Europe:
"I am always really surprised when an American director thinks about me because I'm not part of that business at all," she says. "I feel more at home in London, Paris and Rome...In America, people are really obsessed with VIPs and all those kinds of things.
In Europe it's much easier because everybody knows the difference between an actor and a persona.
"And here they're not obsessed with age and weight. Here, actresses can work for many, many years. In America you can be a great actress and have no work by the time you're 40.
This is a tragedy, so I don't want to live this tragedy."
Stunning Monica, who turns 46 next month, posed naked for Vanity Fair in Italy while pregnant with her daughter in protest at restrictive new laws in Italy concerning fertility treatment. Yet she says she is as insecure about her looks as most women.
"We are all the same," she smiles. "We all want to be young, beautiful and healthy. Nobody wants to be fat, sick and old. When I see elderly women with wrinkles who can deal with that in an intelligent way. I like that very much. I hope I'll be strong and intelligent enough to deal with that."

Talk about girl-crushing hard! Monica is easily one of my favorite actresses. Not only does she choose interresting roles, but always she seems very grounded and has a normal perception of reality. She's a goddess onscreen and off, and my only wish is that more women held her philisophy. Then again, if we all looked like Monica freakin' Bellucci, I don't think any woman would fear the aging process!


Keith said...

She's so incredibly gorgeous. She's definitely Venus come down to live amongst us mortals.

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