Thursday, August 23, 2012

My New Book, "Sex, Murder and the Three of Us" is on Sale NOW!

Sex, Murder and The Three of Us is the dark, erotic tale of a love triangle between a married couple and their male friend after the three are forced to flee their hometown following a double murder. The result is a story of death, drugs, and a struggle with sexuality told alternately from the points of view of all three main characters.
After Tyler Morrison, her husband Black and his best friend Miles commit a double homicide following a botched assault on Tyler, it seems they have no choice but to leave town immediately. When they begin their journey, the plan is to spend only a few weeks away from home to escape being blamed for the murders. Weeks turn into months, however, and friendship turns into more. Once drugs and money enter the mix, things become even more complicated. Tyler longs for Black, Black longs for Miles, and Miles longs for Tyler. But how do the three of them manage to survive their traumatic ordeal while maintaining their friendship? And what happens to friendship when sex becomes involved? Sex, Murder and The Three of Us is dark, engaging, and explores the most silent parts of the human mind that we hide from everyone – even ourselves.
The book is on sale for just $2.99 on Amazon for Kindle.  Check it out

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Epic Picture of the Day

Because the only difference between Salvador Dali and a madman is that he was not mad.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Seth Green & Wife Parody "California Gurls"

EMBED-Geek and Gamer Girls Song - Watch more free videos
I love Seth Green, and it's shenanigans like this that just prove why. The "Robot Chicken" producer recently teamed up with his wife, Clare Grant, to create a parody of the Katy Perry hit "California Gurls". In the video entitled "Geek & Gamer Girls", Seth pays tribute to all the women across the world that would rather unlock all the emblems on MW2 than get their nails manicured. As a gamer girl myself I applaud Seth for his love of smart, unconventional women and say with full on assurance that we love him as much as he loves us. And, much like the songs says, yes, I do have all my RPG acheivements unlocked. Thank goodness for boys who recognize real talent when they see it :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Epic Picture of the Day

Because haters gonna hate. Remember, nothing clashes with an outfit worse than jealousy, ladies! Besides don't they know frowns give you premature wrinkles???

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mary Kate Olsen Covers September's Marie Claire

IDGAF what anyone says, Mary Kate Olsen aka THE OTHER ONE is a gorgeous little pixie from planet "WhereDidYewGetThoseShoes?!?" I haven't purchased a Marie Claire in the longest, but I will definitely be picking up this September issue featuring MK when it hits newstands in a few weeks. After all, If I can't buy those red glittery Givenchy boots, the least I can do is click my heels while staring at them and chanting "There's no place like Bergdorf's, There's no place like Bergdorf's, There's no place like Bergdorf's...".

When Smart Women Say Smart Things

In a recent interview with Britain's Daily Mirror, Italian actress and HBIC Monica Bellucci had this to say about the differences between working in Hollywood and working in Europe:
"I am always really surprised when an American director thinks about me because I'm not part of that business at all," she says. "I feel more at home in London, Paris and Rome...In America, people are really obsessed with VIPs and all those kinds of things.
In Europe it's much easier because everybody knows the difference between an actor and a persona.
"And here they're not obsessed with age and weight. Here, actresses can work for many, many years. In America you can be a great actress and have no work by the time you're 40.
This is a tragedy, so I don't want to live this tragedy."
Stunning Monica, who turns 46 next month, posed naked for Vanity Fair in Italy while pregnant with her daughter in protest at restrictive new laws in Italy concerning fertility treatment. Yet she says she is as insecure about her looks as most women.
"We are all the same," she smiles. "We all want to be young, beautiful and healthy. Nobody wants to be fat, sick and old. When I see elderly women with wrinkles who can deal with that in an intelligent way. I like that very much. I hope I'll be strong and intelligent enough to deal with that."

Talk about girl-crushing hard! Monica is easily one of my favorite actresses. Not only does she choose interresting roles, but always she seems very grounded and has a normal perception of reality. She's a goddess onscreen and off, and my only wish is that more women held her philisophy. Then again, if we all looked like Monica freakin' Bellucci, I don't think any woman would fear the aging process!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Epic Picture of the Day

Because the only thing more epic than Johnny Depp and Kate Moss, is Johnny Depp and Kate Moss in black and white.

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